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Soldier Front 1.1

Soldier Front is an FPS with nice elements from MMOs
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Dragonfly Game

Soldier Front is an online first person shooter developed by Dragonfly Games. The game is very similar to Counter-Strike but it has very nice features that make it more oriented to MMOs. As in any massive multi-player game, you must first create your character. In this case, it will be a special forces operative. You can choose the special forces group your character will be from, with the options ranging from the well known Delta and SAS teams, to the lesser known ROKMC. You can also customize the look of the agent, as well as buying gloves, helmets, holsters, etc. This will also affect the attributes of the player. The game is played as most FPS, with several game modes such as: Single Battle, Team Battle, Clan Battle, Team Death-match and Capture the Flag. After each game you gain experience that will allow you to gain a rank in the game. Soldier Front also features a good amount of real-life weapons which you can buy for your agent. It does feel a bit generic and the graphics are just average at best. The MMO elements do make it a bit more interesting than other FPS, and the best thing is that it is free, so this should at least prompt you to give it a try.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Good FPS action
  • Nice features


  • Susceptible to Hacking
  • Average Graphics
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